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Scale Fast, Save Time

Zeustrack is designed to make your life easier. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize the system, front, and backend. How and where does this make a difference for you?

Servers and Domains

You have the opportunity to use several completely unique IP addresses at once. And, yes this is something that you would need in your campaign setup. It will help you launch multiple for one geo, by adding IP addresses close to where you’re going to run your campaign you can increase the loading speed. Create a unique setup, IP, and domain for each campaign that you upload, and increase the lifespan of it. Basically, the convenience of a cloud-hosted interface with the safety of self-hosted campaigns.


Create a huge number of landing pages in minutes, without FTP, or having to switch systems. You can download the landing page template and use multiple modified versions of it in different campaigns. No third-party clients, endless downloads, and dragging files back and forth. And, as a bonus, the automatic replacement for parameter placeholders with values defined right in the campaign settings. Simply specify the params inside your traffic source template and you are good to go.

WP installation on your domain

Another time-saving feature that you might like is direct WordPress access. Install WordPress on your domain and immediately upload the content you need. As a result, you get a new working site in a minute.

This in addition to quick, customizable reports, simple creation and cloning of campaigns, a comprehensive flow managing system, and all managed from one interface – makes that Zeustrack helps you scale fast and save time! 

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