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Zeustrack is the all-in-one mastertool. You can run successful campaigns on your own. Isolated access for designers and freelancers.



Scale your team and stats. Role-based access rights. Detailed team’s and mediabuyers’ reports. Servers and domain management.


Simple Setup

The complete setup can be done by yourself, no tech skills needed.

How We Work

Forever Free

Use Zeustrack tracking and filtering for free up till 1K events per month.

CC Is Not Required

No need to enter card details when registering an account. We only ask for CC details when one of the paid Zeustrack plans fits your wishes and needs.

Distinctive Features

Zero-Redirect and LP Management

Zero-redirect tracking and filtering with any type of safe page and tracking setup. Campaigns use the same URL for safe and landing pages and there are no redirects on traffic filtering.

Easy Server Management

With Zeustrack you only need the API key from your hosting provider and you’re done. Set up fresh servers with unique Ip-addresses within minutes.

State-of-the-Art Safe Page Technology

Use WordPress or our reverse-proxy-on-steroids technology. Setup easy and safe integration with cloud services like Shopify with one copy-paste.

Landers Management Gets Simplified

Host, edit and operate your landers directly from the Zeustrack interface without paying extra. Create, save and reuse assets or even full pages. Manage and update global landing pages in one click for all your campaigns and servers.

Integrated Filtering

Predefined filtering templates to filter bots, competitors, spies and other unwanted visitors effectively from any source. You’ll be protected in just two clicks and at no additional cost.

Detailed Reports

Lightning fast, real-time stats tracking with a powerful and customizable reporting system.

Team Workspace

Variously defined roles can be used to separate setups within your team. Keep pages and account details separate for ultimate control.

Mobile apps and UAC ready

You can use the tracker inside your own WebView app to deliver any content, track and filter.





  • 1 team members
  • 5 slots for IP addresses
  • 10 slots for domains
  • 1k events limit per month
  • Exceeding the limit: Traffic goes to the safe-page
  • Full package of filtering templates
  • Full functionality for solo teams
  • Team reports
  • Mediabuyer reports




€499/month if monthly

  • 1 team members
  • 15 slots for IP addresses
  • 30 slots for domains
  • Unlimited events
  • Full package of filtering templates
  • Full functionality for solo teams
  • Customizable




€899/month if monthly

  • 15 team members
  • 25 slots for IP addresses
  • 50 slots for domains
  • Unlimited events
  • Full package of filtering templates
  • Full functionality for solo teams
  • Team reports
  • Mediabuyer reports
  • Customizable

Plans Comparison

Free Optimal Professional
Team members 1 1 15
Events limit 1k/month Unlimited Unlimited
IP addresses slots 5 15 25
Domains slots 10 30 50
Plan customization
Filtering integration to the 3-rd party websites
Mirrors technology to clone safe-pages
Safe-page creation via WordPress
Real time support
Team and mediabuyers reports
Custom filtering rules
Offer caps
ISP whitelisting
Frequency filter
Basic social network filter template
Advanced social network template
Social network prefetch filter template
Search engine filter template
Empty referers filter template
VPN/Proxy/Tor/Hosting filter template
Basic headless-browser filter template
Advanced headless-browser filter template
Gyroscope filter template
IPv6 filter template
WebRTC Leak filter template
Luminati filter template
Language consistency filter template
Time zone consistency filter template
Filtering schedule
Time filtering
Domain ownership verification


Do you offer a free trial?

We offer even more than a free trial. We provide a FREE plan! You can use the full-featured Zeustrack absolutely for free just with a limit of 1k events per month, but all the functionality for traffic filtering stays with you. We even don't ask you to enter your card detail. After reaching the limit of 1k events per month, traffic is not blocked but simply redirects to a safe-page. Create an account now!

Do you have any documentation on how to use Zeustrack?

Yes, you can find the quick start guide to help you get started and the full documentation. Also there's an interactive helper checklist to help you make the initial setup. Feel free to drop us a message to built-in chat or Telegram. Join our community @Zeustrack, we're always here to help.

What can I track and filter with Zeustrack?

The short answer is everything! Direct publishers, Social Media platforms, ad exchanges, ad networks, SEA, email and so on!

Do I need additional software to start tracking and filtering?

Absolutely no! Zeustrack is all-in-one solution for tracking, every plan includes landing page hosting, websites generation and reach reports. Create an account perform initial setup you are ready to track and filter your traffic!

Can I have a custom plan?

Yes, you can upgrade the number of domains slots, IP addresses slots and number of seats in your team. Send us a message to discuss details.

How often will I be charged?

Billing cycle takes effect monthly or annualy depending on your plan. We're working on a pre-pay model.

How can I pay for my subscription?

We accept most forms of payment — PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, and JCB.

When can I stop my subscription?

You can stop using Zeustrack anytime. Please note that if it happens somewhere in the middle of a billing cycle, the subscription will be active until the end of the cycle. We won’t charge you for the next billing cycle.

Will my data be removed after subscription ends?

Not right away. We will store your data for 30 days from the moment you end using the service. After that, your account will be added to the archive. We will always be glad to see you again!

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