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The tracker that empowers both individuals and mediabuying teams to grow and stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

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You don't need to be a tech genius or waste time trying to connect multiple tools together. Whoever said it should be that complicated? All the pieces you need, now in one place; with easy access management functions for you and your team.

Image Tracking


Get lightning fast, real-time stats tracking with a powerful and customizable reporting system. Track, control, manage and optimize your traffic and campaigns. By storing your landing pages in Zeustrack you’ll have zero redirect tracking giving you incredible response speeds with absolutely zero traffic loss in the redirect chain.

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Image Filtering


The filtering is built-in and is located under the campaign level. You can add filtering in only two clicks to any of your already set up campaigns. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not, but we do automatically include it in our tracking system with absolutely no extra cost to you.

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Image Host Landing Pages & Domain Websites

Host Landing Pages & Domain Websites

Don't waste your time on the "busy work" tech stuff. With Zeustrack you only need the API key from your hosting provider and you're done. Set up fresh servers within minutes. All your landing pages will be stored inside the system and distributed flawlessly; no more SSH, FTP or server update management. Everything is controlled from the master panel interface and takes little to no time to set up and get started.

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Image Manage your Team

Manage your Team

With built-in user access group profiles, it's easy to add a new media buyer to your team without over sharing. Want to limit the new guy's access to a specific data or settings? Want to add a web designer to build a new lander for you or maybe set someone up in your accounting department? We know your needs and we've got them covered.

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