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Automating Your Campaign Setup

Make It a Habit and Save Tons of Time

The main task of every affiliate marketer is in-depth analysis of incoming traffic. Based on this analysis and related findings, you can make the right optimization and scaling decisions.

But it takes time, and time is precious. With the help of Zeustrack’s convenient automation tools, setting up campaigns, testing, creating complex traffic distribution rules and flows, you can free yourself from routine work and concentrate on the important things.

We have prepared a series of blog posts about the principles and approaches to automating work so that you can get to know more about Zeustrack tools.


The main elements of a Zeustrack campaign are made up of templates. Imagine that templates are Lego bricks from which you assemble a campaign.

Zeustrack has the following types of templates

  • Affiliate network templates;
  • Offer templates;
  • Traffic source templates.

Affiliate network templates

In this post, we’ll take a look at the affiliate network template.

There are a huge number of affiliate networks, and each network has its own requirements for the design of offer links and the naming of parameters (sub_id, subid, s1) and so on.

In order to avoid routine work, as well as errors of manual input of parameters, Zeustrack offers to create templates for affiliate networks.

Having configured the template once for a specific affiliate network, you can easily add a “tail” of the link with the necessary parameters to any offer.

Usage example

Let’s say you work with Gotzha, the most important metric for you to pass is the click id. With this metric the network can associate the right conversion with a specific click and pass it back to Zeustrack statistics using the postback mechanism.

Zeustrack has a special {} token that substitutes a unique value that identifies the click, it can be passed in the s2 parameter, since Gotzha allows transfer data in parameters named s2, s3, s4, s5.

You can automate the setup of parameters by creating an affiliate network template with all the necessary parameters and then simply select it with just one click for each created offer template. This avoids adding parameters and values ​​manually to each offer link. Which wastes time and can defocus the implementation. This approach will simplify the task for your employees (if you have a team) who do not have much experience.

In the Zeustrack interface, the affiliate network template for a network like Gotzha will generally look like this:

When you select the Gotzha template in the offer template settings, you will see a notification that the tracking parameters from the network template will be attached to the offer link:

Setting up an affiliate network template can significantly simplify the offer setups. Even if the same offer is presented in different networks, it won’t be difficult to configure two templates and pass the required parameters to each.

This approach will undoubtedly keep your workspace as a team in order, everything will be standardized and layed out.

For more information about affiliate network templates setup see our documentation.

We’ll look at the benefits of creating an offer template in the next article so stay tuned and see you soon!