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Increase loading speed and trust with 0-redirect tracking

Even in a best-case scenario, redirects slow down the page load speeds and affects the user experience. That’s why landers are kept and modified within Zeustrack and distributed over the cloud servers. As a result, no need to bother with redirects and an increase in conversion since users won’t abandon the page due to slow loading times.

Full control over all of your marketing reports

The detailed reports are excellent for a full and complete analysis of your traffic. Create a personalized view of your reports, segment your visits, clicks and leads with ease and group, filter and indicate to your preferences Zeustrack lets you get the information you need and disable the ones you don’t.


Control your Custom Domains

Connect your own campaign domains including free SSL which is automatically provided after your domain is added in Zeustrack. After adding domains you can manage all of them directly from the tracker with just a few clicks.

Advanced traffic distribution saving you time and effort

This feature helps you save time and effort in setting up campaigns and analytics. It’s the strategy template that will decide how your campaigns will operate and unfold. It will determine the path your incoming, unfiltered traffic will take and what path, landers and offers will be presented. You can easily create a massive number of combinations for landers and offers and check which combinations perform the best as well as which combinations should be dumped.


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