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Changing the way media buying teams work together

Organize team workspaces, optimize team interactions and maintain data privacy by structuring team members to specific roles.

Collaboration is the key to success

Now your team can create campaigns at scale, collaborate in real-time and put an end to
switching between different tracking accounts and time consuming delays that slow you down.


Account management

Easily manage multiple media buying accounts by having a full overview of your team without having to login to different accounts. View team reports, easily switch from account to account and pull up all of your financial data, all from a single unified interface.

Advanced team member permissions and privacy

Variously defined roles can be used to separate setups within your team. Keep pages and account details seperate for ultimate control. Sharing your campaign setup with a team or external (Financial) party or html coder no longer means having to reveal your login information. With Zeustrack you can easily provide view-only access.


Team management

Level up your business with advanced team management

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