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Zeustrack Cloud for Landing Page Hosting

If you’re still uploading your landers to your external host, then this message is for you. If you are already using our solution, then, first of all, you are the king 🤴, and secondly, let us tell you how it gets even better!

Top-5 reasons why Zeustrack Cloud landers are better than landers hosted externally

1. The closer you are to the visitor the higher the conversion

You only load the code of the lander into Zeustrack once, then each time you need to connect it to the campaign, you simply select it from the list. This give you easy access to your landers and gives you a unique IP address that is geographically close to your traffic.

The probability of a ban from the traffic source decreases and page loading accelerates. As a result, conversions increase because the user does not abandon the page due to slow loading times. To get the same benefit from landers that are externally hosted, you’d need to have multiple servers all over the world; not a very efficient approach.

2. Bulk changes

Ok, here’s a common situation, let’s say you have 10 campaigns using the same lander and you need to make changes to the lander code. With Zeustrack Cloud-hosted landers you can simply go to lander editor and make changes on as needed. No need to go through downloading your lander code, opening the IDE, make changes and then upload it to the server. Instead you can just make your edits and click Save. 💥 Boom, the lander is updated in all your campaigns in a flash without ever even having to go outside Zeustrack user interface.

3. Roses Are Red

Ever want to set up a little experiment to see what will happen if you swap around some blocks in your lander or maybe change the color scheme? No problem 😎 Just clone your Zeustrack Cloud lander to easily get a copy. Then all you need to do is go into the lander editor, and make your changes and even get an instant preview. Again, no need to go outside the interface, everything, all in one place.

4. Dynamic placeholders without any JS code

Want to find a great way to personalize content to your visitor? Just personalize your lander. It gives the visitor the feeling that he is already familiar with the content. Example: “Hi! Today we have a special offer for {country}!”

So what are some ways to do that? Well, you could hire a front-end developer to write some JS code for you, but then that would also slow down the loading speed of the page (see reason #1) or you could just add a placeholder to your lander code, Zeustrack has lots of them.

5. Dynamic parameters right from campaign settings

Let’s say you have a bunch of Facebook pixels to be used in different campaigns but you want to use a single lander in each campaign. You might think “Oh, great, now I’ll need tons of copies of my lander just to change pixel ID”. Not with the Zeustrack Cloud lander you don’t. Here’s a mini-tutorial on how to do that:

– At the bottom of the Traffic Source settings, you will find a section called Lander parameters. You can add a lander parameters like so

– Then in your lander code, where you have the script for Facebook pixel just put the placeholder {lander.param:fbpixel} like this

– Now, every time in the campaign settings when you choose this traffic source you’ll have additional fields for lander parameters where you can put your Facebook pixel ID and change it anytime you want. All without even touching the lander!

There are lots more benefits to using the Zeustrack Cloud set up to host your landers! Refer to the documentation to learn how to use Zeustrack Cloud to host your landers.