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What’s new – Recent Zeustrack Updates


To support you in running campaigns smoothly, check out the new features we added beginning of 2021.

Here is a recap of Zeustrack most recent updates:

Extra Postback deposits and Funnel states

Postback Deposits and Funnel states columns are added to the following reports:

  • Flow Report;
  • Mediabuyers Report;
  • Team Report;
  • Landers List;
  • Offers List;
  • Traffic Sources List;
  • Affiliate Networks List.

With extra columns added to the above reporting sections, Zeustrack is now more powerful than ever and ready to take on all of your data needs (and more!).

Grouping and Filtering in Team Reporting

Defining your own properties has always allowed you to aggregate property values into groupings based on the conditions you set up. You can now use new grouping and filtering options for Affiliate network and Traffic Source in the Team reports to sort your team reports more precisely and get a deeper understanding. With this update, we’ve made defined properties easier to use to help you better organize your data.

With our first updates of 2021 already out the door, the year is off to a great start for us at Zeustrack. Stay tuned for more automatically surfaced insights coming soon!

Have a great idea on how to make Zeustrack even better? We’re ready to hear it at sales@zeustrack.io.