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How to get the most out of your marketing strategy

When you’ve found a well-performing offer and your ad has begun to turn a profit, it is time to raise the rates. Until competitors steal your idea, you need to make sure you get the most money you can out of your marketing strategy. So what can be done to increase your profits right now?


Cloning campaigns and raising budgets seems like an obvious step for growth, but there are some risks behind it to consider. With an increasing budget, your CTR will decrease and the cost of a click will increase. As there will be more expenses, your profit percentage will correspondingly decrease. However, for a window of time, this approach will definitely work, so it’s still worth doing.


As you purchase more and more traffic for your marketing strategy, your creatives will eventually begin to annoy your audience. When negative responses to ads increases, the risk of an account ban is also increased. In addition, your competitors will also be using the very same pictures and texts to the utmost extent and it will begin to saturate the market. Try to stay one step ahead of them by testing new creatives and making your offers unique.


Like creatives, audiences tend to burn out as well. In order not to go around in circles and show your ad to the same people, you should think about how to expand your target audience and find users that you haven’t reached yet. You can try testing new regions and countries (if the conditions of the offer allow it) as well as different ages and interests. On Facebook, for example, it’s possible to create what is called ‘lookalike audience’. Using this tool will give you a much better chance of finding new potential buyers.

Traffic Source

Another way to increase profit is to start buying traffic from other traffic sources. Try not to be limited to one channel; reach out to as many new people as possible, because different audiences live in different networks. In Zeustrack, you can create campaigns for traffic from any traffic source. Thus, you are able to collect statistics for all your advertising campaigns in one place. It makes things so much easier and you can try it out now with Zeustrack’s free trial offer.