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Automate Your Offer Set Up

In the last article, we explained how to save time with affiliate network templates. Today we will continue automating workflows by setting up an offer template.

In order to easily set up and navigate the offers you are working with, you will find offer templates in Zeustrack.

Each offer template has several required fields, one of which is the offer URL. In this field, you need to specify the link to the page of this offer and select the Affiliate network template (The one you already created earlier). The parameters will be added automatically from the template settings of the selected affiliate network.

The creation of offer templates is extremely convenient when performing split tests to find out the most effective pair of a lander and an offer. Changing an offer in the Destination tab is a matter of a couple of clicks!

Here are a few more examples of the competent use of offer templates in your daily activities:

  • Distribution of the amount of traffic as a percentage between offers connected to the lander;
  • Displaying the human-readable name of the offer and writing custom scripts for this parameter (Display offer name);
  • Assignment of automatic or manual payment (Payout type);
  • Setting the maximum number of conversions per offer per day/week/month by time zone (Offer cap);

We hope this short overview will help you free up your time and optimize your workflows.
In addition, please read the technical documentation on offer settings. Stay tuned, in the next article we’ll look at the nuances of creating a lander template.