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The Lander: what it is, where to find in Zeustrack and how to use it

What is a Lander?

A lander (also known as a landing page) is the page the user “lands” on from an advertisement link. It precedes the offer page and often contains information about a product or service that will interest the user and lead them further down the sales funnel.

Where can I view and set up the Landers in Zeustrack?

It’s located in the Lander list section of the main menu, in the Flow settings, and the campaign report.

How should I use Landers?

On the lander setup page, you can copy/paste and edit your lander code, upload it as a ZIP archive or even upload it via a URL. All your landers will be stored in the Zeustrack cloud and can easily be accessible on different servers. You can also add them to any of your campaigns with just a couple of clicks. One really great thing about this is that once you’ve uploaded your lander in Zeustrack,  you won’t have to keep re-uploading it again and again when creating new campaigns or making small changes to your lander.

NOTE: Your lander is your main opportunity to win the attention of a potential buyer and encourage them to perform a targeted action. Always test different approaches with your targeted audience to find what works best and don’t forget about storytelling to draw the reader in. Add feedback and comment blocks to your page to boost social credit and make sure there are convenient buttons placed throughout the page that make it easy for a reader to take action.