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Get More Productive With Lander Snippets

Today we would like to tell you what landers snippets are, how to use them and how they will help you.

In programming, there is such a principle called DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself. In a general sense, this means that if you have a constantly repeating piece of code that you use in a large number of landers, it is more expedient to create a short and clear snippet. This allows you to easily insert it into the landers, instead of rewriting it each time you need it.

The violation of the DRY principle is called WET – which stands for Write Everything Twice or We Enjoy Typing. If you still like to rewrite the same thing over and over again, well, this message is not for you 😏

How will this be useful for you?

It’s very simple, you’ll save a lot of time creating your own landers from prefabricated parts, instead of starting from scratch every time.

Moreover, when you use snippets, Zeustrak renders pages much faster.
Why? Because Zeustrak knows what code should be rendered beforehand!

As a result, the delivery of your content to the user is accelerated, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the conversion.

Refer to the documentation to understand how to set up the snippets.