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This is NOT “Another tracker?” (AKA Why Zeustrack was made!)

This is NOT “Another tracker?” (AKA Why Zeustrack was made!)

Let’s be honest: Most existing solutions in Affiliate Marketing are inconvenient. To put it bluntly: Many absolutely suck.

We should know. For the past 10 years, we’ve been buying traffic and tried almost everything on the market. After experimenting with most of them we kept asking ourselves “Why did they do it like this?” or “Have they actually tried their product themselves?” 

Most affiliates have limited choices

The harsh truth is, on the one hand, there is a set of cool solutions for optimizing advertising, such as “set and forget”, but they are completely unsuitable for the huge variety of Facebook campaigns. And, on the other hand, there are two extreme decisions that our colleagues in the industry must make:

  • Choose Technical Literacy or Scalable Solutions that resemble kindergarten children’s crafts to most users or…..
  • Select Dev solutions from and for Devs that would be lovely if they weren’t so painful to use or did not need a staff of freelance staff of 7 dwarfs with tons of time to lend endless support!

Most people take a look at our industry and decide: “I must take more, run farther and as fast as I possibly can!” However, at Zeustrack, we’ve always looked at Affiliate Marketing as a business that we must run successfully.

Zeustrack helps Affiliates succeed

For most Affiliate businesses to succeed, they must be:

  • sustainable
  • replaceable
  • lightning-fast 
  • scalable

But what kind of convenient scalability can you possibly have if you need to have an individual whose sole responsibility will be to register hosting services all day and another employee who will spend every moment spreading the landing pages to ensure that they can potentially reach a higher income volume? It’s almost impossible!

Zeustrack was made to solve Affiliate Marketing Problems

That’s why Zeustrack was born! It was created to be an internal traffic buying solution to avoid the problems mentioned above, which also included a full understanding that the media-buying of a large team is a business that has serious consequences.

Zeustrack has successfully solved all the problems that prevented us from launching campaigns quickly, storing landings, complete isolation for teams and so on. Zeustrack also can provide the access rights for buyers and/or external employees, team admin reports and also does many other small things that enable people to make serious money in Affiliate Marketing. Currently, more than 15 programmers are developing Zeustrack on an ongoing basis, including our Testing and Dev Op Departments. These talented programmers are making sure that  Zeustrack is not just “another tracker”, but instead it is the only tool that enables our customers to earn millions of dollars each month in revenue.

If you are just trying out Affiliate Marketing and are in it passively, we wish you good luck. But, if you are really serious about CRUSHING Affiliate Marketing and making money, you will need Zeustrack to reach your full potential and to take your business to the next level of profits.

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