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The Offer: what it is, where to find it and setting it up in Zeustrack

What is the Offer?

The offer is the agreement made between the advertiser and an affiliate marketer. Basically, an advertiser is willing to pay an affiliate marketer a commission for helping to sell or promote a product or service under certain predetermined and agreed-upon conditions.

Agreements such as this can be obtained via an offer network or even directly through the business itself. Offers sit at the core of affiliate marketing and choosing a good one is important. Remember, even fantastic marketing can’t fix a bad offer. Testing multiple offers may also be a good idea before finding the best one.

Where can I see the stats and set up the Offer in Zeustrack?

First, to get the offer entered into Zeustrack, you’ll need to create an offer template by clicking on the Offers section from the main menu.

Note: Don’t forget to copy the Postback link from the offer template settings and add it to the settings in your CPA network. By doing so, it will allow Zeustrack to receive vital information about your conversions and advertising payments.

Once this fairly simple step has been done, you’ll be able to conveniently access it in your Flows and Campaigns sections. The offer stats will also then be viewable on the campaign report. This is yet another element of your campaigns that seamlessly integrates with Zeustrack and is a valuable time saver.