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Return on Investment (ROI): what it is, what to consider and how to view it in Zeustrack

What is ROI?
This abbreviation stands for return on investment. This indicator shows how effective your campaign is, i.e. the degree of profitability or loss. Zeustrack calculates this indicator by using the following ROI formula = (Revenue – Cost) / Cost × 100. The result is represented as a percentage. 

Where can I find it in Zeustrack?
You can view the campaign ROI in the campaign reports, flow reports, lander reports, and traffic source reports.

How do I use this indicator?

It should go without saying that your main strategy should be finding ways to increase this indicator to achieve maximum profits. A negative ROI may, of course, be the worst result because it could mean that you are wasting money and time at a loss. However, a low positive ROI may mean you are wasting money and time to achieve a very little reward. This is relevant to scale of course so it will be tied to how high of your spend is. 

Note: There is a big difference between a positive ROI on $5 versus $5000. 

You will have to determine what your risk rate is and scale up once you’ve fine-tuned your campaign. Doing so effectively requires that you pull in actionable data in the beginning and that’s part of ‘paying for an education’. As such, not having a positive ROI on day 1 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to scrap the whole thing. Instead, it might be an opportunity to make adjustments that will incrementally lead to increasing your ROI. The more volatile the type of campaign you are working must also be considered. 

This is all yet another reason why clear yet detailed ROI tracking is so essential to success. That’s why Zeustrack goes to such great lengths to make this indicator as precise and easy to work with as possible. We hope this article has helped to shed some light on how to look at ROI and what to take into account when working toward maximum profits.