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Exploring The Visits Report

Sometimes you’re going to need to be able to break down the details of the kinds of traffic hitting your landers. Using this data you can fine tune your custom filtering rules or determine problems. To do so we’ll look at the Visits report. 📊

In the campaign list click on a campaign name you want to see the report for and then click on the Visits tab.

At the bottom you’ll see the legend for the report.

  • Normal – this is for regular visits of real users who visited your lander but didn’t move forward to the offer.
  • Filtered – these red rows indicate that the visits that were filtered for some reason depending on your filter settings campaign setup. One example might be a visit that occurred from the country you’re not advertising for. We’ll also go more into the indicators a little later.
  • Clicks – these yellow rows indicate that a real visitor has clicked the offer link on your landing page, but hasn’t converted. This is how you determine the attractiveness of your lander to your visitors. Based on this, you might make some changes to your lander or set up some custom rules to target a smaller group of visitors.
  • With leads – these are the ones you want to see the most of because these visits ended with leads and thus a payout!

Ok, let’s move ahead with the other report settings.

Every time you change the settings you need to press the Apply button which will be shown once you’ve entered something.

  • All – shows all visits by default.
  • Hide bots – this selection will hide the “bots” and show the rest. By bots, Zeustrack means all visits which were filtered or do not reflect with the country specified in the campaign settings.
  • Only clicks and Only leads – this will show visits that ended with clicks without conversion or visits that ended with a conversion.

Additionally, you can filter all of your visits by country. Simply select countries you want to see in the report. You might find that helpful when you want to compare the stats from your traffic source and Zeustrack, but keep in mind that the date range and the time zone should be similar in both reports.

The last two buttons allow you to refresh or share the report with your teammates.

The last thing we need to cover is how to read these little icons. You might be able to guess a few, but take a look at the animation below to see a quick overview.

When you’re in the system, if you’re not sure of what an icon is, just hover over it for a sec – it will display the details. You’ll be able to see the country where the visitor came from, the device, the browser, as well as the OS version.

We encourage you to take some time to explore the Visits report and you’ll see it’s got tons of useful information to help you run focused and successful campaigns.