Do you even need a tracker if you’ve just started buying traffic? – Blog | Zeustrak

Do you even need a tracker if you’ve just started buying traffic?

The answer is simple: it all depends on how serious you are about making money from affiliate marketing. Do you want to become a professional and start earning real money or would you rather just do it as a hobby, feeling around in the dark and hoping to get lucky? 

Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the reality. If your intentions are serious, then you need to understand that a tracker is not a frivolous luxury item or just an expensive toy. It’s an essential data tool that is simply a must-have for any self-respecting media buyer.

Why? Because evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns and the amount of traffic you receive becomes much clearer and easier to understand. All your campaign statistics will be collected in one place and will significantly minimize the time you spend on creating and uploading reports from different traffic sources. It also lets you track the devices your customer uses, the country they live in and even the exact time a user clicked on your landing page.

All of this is important because once you have a deeper picture of this information you’ll be able to find out exactly which types of visitors convert and bring you profit. Operationally, a good tracker also makes it much easier to keep your budgets under control. 

There are plenty of trackers on the market that try to cater to everyone’s unique needs and specializations.  However, when we created Zeustrack, we tried to take into account all of the needs (as well as the ‘nice-to-haves’) of a modern media buyer. That’s why our developers created such a powerful tool that’s also amazingly simple to use. They even went a step further and included indispensable features that no other tracker has.

If you’re looking to make the highest profits possible, affiliate marketing without a good tracker is simply a waste of time and money. Even if you’re making money now without one, you’re absolutely leaving money on the table and exposing yourself to more risk than is necessary. Still, it’s up to you how long you’ll keep rolling the dice.

What we are saying is nothing new and is a well-accepted fact in the industry. If you still need convincing, why not can try Zeustrack now for free and make your own informed decision? The numbers don’t lie and at the very least you’ll gain a ton of useful data for whatever campaigns you’re working. Start working smarter, not harder and you’ll see your profits soar.