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AAB testing is one more way to work more efficiently

Most of you have heard about the AB testing for sure. This kind of testing method requires you to distribute traffic between two different advertising materials and then measure the effectiveness of each. It’s easier to understand what works best and in which direction to move.

But besides the AB testing, there is also the AAB testing, which more accurately shows the difference between your advertising materials and offers. The bottom line is to take two identical materials, leaving them unchanged, and add a third, different from them, to the test. This test can be considered successful if the difference in the results of advertising of the same materials (AA) is insignificant. Otherwise, it is worth assuming that something has distorted the final results.

In order to have the results of such testing to be “clean”, you must take into account еру factors that can significantly affect: user devices, the download speed of all pages, the limited amount of traffic. As a matter of fact, you must take into account such factors for any tests actually.

You can run AA or AB tests that require fewer resources. But if you have large amounts of traffic at your disposal, then we recommend that you try AAB testing, because quality tests are the key to the success of an affiliate marketer.

You can easily run such tests with the help of Zeustrack. In the Flow/Path settings, you can add as many landing pages as you wish. And your traffic will be evenly distributed between them. In addition, if you want, you can set the “weight” for each lander. Then your landing pages will be shown to your audience in the percentage ratios that you set: something more, something less.

You can do the same with offers, adding several offers to the Flow/Path at once and testing them. And then analyze which offer or landing page worked more efficiently.

You can try this feature right now, the only thing to do is to apply for the Zeustrack trial.