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Frequency Cap in Zeustrack

What is a frequency cap?

A Frequency Cap in the Zeustrack interface is the additional filter that you can use to limit the number of visits of your campaign. The frequency of visits is calculated by the cookies.

By setting the frequency cap you are protecting your landers from bots and from unwanted visits; including your competitors.

How to set up frequency cap in Zeustrack

We recommend setting the frequency cap equal to 1 when launching a campaign and increasing this value during the optimization process.

The frequency cap is set at the domain and campaign level using a cookie.

The frequency cap filter could be set from the Filters tab in the campaign settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The frequency capping feature requires a cookie file to be set on your landers which are placed on your domains. This feature is turned on by default and the cookie file is set without any notification to the user. That cookie contains the info about the user which may be interpreted as personal data, however, this info does not contain any specific data that can identify a specific person.

In this case, if you are targeting EU citizens you might need to inform your visitors about that cookie file before they visit your landers.

To keep it more simple you could use, for example, a template provided by the COOKIE CONSENT by Insites or create your own.