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What is the Vertical in affiliate marketing?

The Vertical in the affiliate marketing business refers to an offer category. Since affiliate marketing is not limited to just one product or service, there are many verticals.

How to choose a vertical

Where to start? The opinions of experienced affiliate marketers and affiliate network managers are constantly different. That’s why you will not likely hear a definite answer to this question. At the same time, you can easily find a list of verticals that almost always work well, are stable (at least as much as this is possible in affiliate marketing), and are making a profit.

Undoubtedly it’s important to keep track of the verticals that are developing at the moment, but you should also not chase after each new trend out there. After all, affiliate marketing is a constantly changing niche. Remember that even if you’ve conducted a huge number of tests, spent hundreds of dollars, achieved incredible success and became a real expert in that area, everything could change in a moment. That being said, you shouldn’t be constantly jumping from one vertical or offer to another, since it will cost you significant time and money to get things going before you reach a tangible profit.

Sources and targeting

The choice of a vertical also depends on the rules of your traffic source. Each source has its own limitations. For example, for a while the best option for making money was with cryptocurrency offers. Facebook used to be an ideal source of traffic in the vertical, but now any advertising on this subject is now prohibited. What this means is that you’ll need to use other sources to work with this vertical, or look for other ways to solve this problem.

In addition to traffic source rules, vertical targeting can be affected by geo-targeting. It’s up to you to decide which country you want to promote one offer or another in. Often affiliate networks offer different conditions for leads from different countries. It’s not superfluous to evaluate the prospects of a particular offer in a particular region. In other words, better not try to sell tulips to the Dutch. Analyze and try to calculate the risks.

In Zeustrack, you can add your verticals in the Categories section, then group your campaigns by them. Apply for the Zeustrack free trial now and give this feature a try.

Remember, there is no perfect vertical so you’ll have to find your own and spend time and money studying and testing it to achieve the desired results. Good luck!