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Host Landing Pages and Websites

Set up fresh servers within minutes. All your landing pages will be stored
inside the system and distributed flawlessly; no more SSH, FTP or server update management.

Fast and easy page building tools


Zeustrack cloud landing pages

Zeustrack cloud landers allows you to create hundreds of landing pages without FTP management or the need for a developer. Create, save and reuse assets or even full pages. Manage and update global landing pages in one click for all your campaigns

Add new servers in a minute

Don't waste your time on the "busy work" tech stuff. With Zeustrack you only need the API key from your hosting provider and you're done. Set up fresh servers within minutes.


The industry fastest website builder

Employ Zeutrak’s unique functionality to create domain websites in a minute. With fully clickable content, Zeustrack takes the pain out of producing and FTP uploading webpages. Looking for a more unique setup? Use the built-in WordPress setup to quickly and easily upload webpages from Wordpress (or create your own from scratch).

More features to improve tracking

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